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Who I am and what motivates me

You are looking at psychologist Manuel Haitz in Nice, one of his favourite places
Psychologist Manuel Haitz in Nice, one of his favourite places

Who am I and what drives me? That's not so easy to answer. It's best if I just tell you a little about myself...

I was always different from the others: Someone who thinks outside the box, even though I grew up in narrow structures. I often felt like a stranger and didn't belong. But I have always remained true to myself and rarely conformed - actually never - and I am proud of that because I have always felt that I am "me": not a bad version of myself that others want me to be, not a reflection of the expectations that society places on us.

... because the magic usually always happens far away from the comfort zone.


I discovered my passion for solving problems at an early age. I wanted to understand, was eager to learn and full of a thirst for knowledge. I liked to listen and was interested in the circumstances and challenges of others. I helped people move forward, including myself.


Along the way, I also learnt what it means to leave behind people who are not good for me. That also shaped my career choice - psychology!

It was actually really difficult for me to decide on a direction after leaving school. Even during my studies, I quickly realised that I neither wanted to... nor could I! Torn between business and therapeutic subjects, I was always accused of not having a recognisable common thread. Today I realise that this is precisely my common thread! This enables a holistic view of things, problems and solutions. 



I incorporate my experience into my work


1. Recognise and use resources and potential

2. Accept contradictions and utilise ambivalences

3. Leave behind what is not good for you

4. Remain true and authentic to yourself

5. Pursue and achieve goals



Dancing, playing the piano and travelling and discovering foreign cultures, e.g. backpacking, help me to achieve my goals. This is how I continue to develop, especially when I take risks and accept uncertainty - because being vulnerable is part of it!

I trust my inner strength to get me safely to my destination and continue to do what I have always done: I look calmly into the future and am curious about the unknown.

With this in mind, I look forward to getting to know you!

... problems are solutions !!!