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"Cooperations that have proven to be very helpful for my clients."

ICAS Schweiz GmbH


ICAS is one of the leading EAP programmes internationally and offers an external employee counselling service (EAP) that enables employees to seek professional help at an early stage in the event of emotional and psychological stress. This approach helps to prevent negative effects on performance and health. The most effective and cost-effective prevention is for those affected to take immediate action of their own accord.


ICAS-qualified counsellors are available to employees around the clock, 365 days a year.

INSITE Interventions GmbH


INSITE is one of the leading providers of EAP programmes (= Employee Assistance Programme; programme for employee counselling by an external company). The programme is multidisciplinary (e.g. psychologists, doctors, lawyers, etc.).

Topics include, for example Work and career (e.g. burnout, conflicts), leadership (e.g. team conflicts, change), family and partnership (e.g. parenting, crises) and many more.


In short: a comprehensive offer for companies that want to provide their employees with support as part of occupational health management.

Martin Grütz, Alternative practitioner and expert in fascia massage



We all know that our mental state has a direct impact on our body. Even conventional medicine has now realised that chronic back pain can sometimes be attributed to stress. In this way, social issues often manifest themselves through posture and body language. 

According to the motto "An upright body makes it easier for the soul", I came across Martin Grütz years ago through a chance encounter and was initially able to gain my own experience with his way of treating people. He specialises in fascia therapy as well as posture and body awareness. He also has a well-founded view of holistic interrelationships in the body, which is reflected in further expertise, e.g. in acupuncture, chiropractic and medical massage. 

My own experience led to an intensive professional exchange that continues to this day. This has heightened my awareness of the fact that it is often sensible and important to treat the physical effects and issues in order to achieve optimum success for clients. The positive feedback that my clients give me about Mr Grütz speaks for itself. Contact him in person and let him advise and convince you why fascia plays such an important role in our lives.

Ilona Wendt: Dancer, qualified dance teacher & choreographer


Ilona Wendt is increasingly focussing on the pedagogical aspects of dance and the associated bodywork. Inspired by Waganowa and others, she has developed a unique, professional floor barre concept that combines strength, stretching, body awareness, balance and music in equal measure. She speaks of a universal training programme that is suitable for young and old, gifted and less gifted.

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