Systemic Therapy in Berlin... this is how it goes!

Because: Even big problems don't always take as much time as some behavioural or analytical therapists like to suggest.

Are you frustrated with panel doctor procedures? You would like to be convinced that prompt solutions are possible even for serious issues and problem situations? You want to tackle your problems now and not in 3 months? You want to regain access to your resources?

Then you can benefit greatly from the systemic approach!



Of course, systemic therapy follows the basic principles of systemic counselling. This means that the client is perceived as an expert for his or her own problems and solutions. They are more likely to perceive themselves as resourceful and capable of action - even with difficult issues - because I focus on this in counselling.



Clients often describe that they came to me with "tunnel vision" and that this rather narrow perception can be dissolved within the framework of a few hours or even just one appointment.


Your "solution accelerator"

Systemic therapist and psychologist Manuel Haitz from resourSYS is shown on the picture
Systemic therapist and psychologist Manuel Haitz from resourSYS

"Systemic therapy in Berlin helps you to get new ideas and find solutions for your problems in an appreciative setting. Get new impulses with a systemic therapy in Berlin.

Topics for your Systemic Therapy Berlin

Via systemic therapy a goldfish manages to jump from a small vase into a large one and thus gains more freedom.
Systemic Therapy, Berlin: Better to solve problems!

"To solve a problem is to get rid of the problem."

General information on systemic therapy

In systemic therapy a client tries to set up her situation with figures.
Systemic therapy (Berlin) - Consulting situation

Official recognition of systemic therapy

Systemic therapy is an independent psychotherapeutic procedure, which was recognized as such on an evidence-based basis by the Scientific Advisory Board for Psychotherapy (WBP) in December 2008.

Systemic therapy is used worldwide, both in outpatient and inpatient therapy.


Unfortunately systemic counseling has not yet been recognized by German health insurance companies as a so-called guideline procedure and therefore has to be paid for in outpatient care. On the other hand this has some advantages, which I would like to introduce to you on this page.

"If you are looking for therapeutic guidance in Berlin, you can benefit from many advantages of Systemic Therapy. Visualization, e.g. with the help of figures or animals, can be helpful to get a better view of your own situation."

What advantages does systemic therapy offer?

1. Avoiding long waiting times

Start your therapy in Berlin as soon as possible. In the capital you may need 6 months to actually start therapy.

If you decide on a systemic therapy in Berlin, you will get an appointment soon.

3. Save time: Less therapy, more Berlin!

"A lot helps a lot" is an assumption that could not be confirmed in therapy. Systemic therapy often works according to the principles of short-term counseling. During the session you will receive new impulses, but the therapy itself happens between sessions if you successfully integrate new things into your life. With a Systemic Therapy in Berlin you benefit from less therapy and more time for Berlin!

2. Get help when you need it

What is a therapy good for if you have already been able to solve your problem in another way. Systemic counselling in Berlin enables you to deal with your problem promptly and then receive support when the pressure of suffering is at its greatest.

4. Keep the "data vest" clean - "immaculate" in Berlin!

If you decide on systemic therapy, you will avoid soiling your data vest. During the guideline procedures, you may experience various disadvantages, for example, when taking out a life insurance policy, changing your health insurance company, and when becoming a civil servant or being promoted to a higher rank in the public sector. 

The concept of disease in systemic therapy

Of course systemic therapy also follows the principles of systemic counseling. Diseases and disorders are terms which are almost contradictory to the principles of Systemic Therapy. Rather, symptoms, disorders and problems in Systemic Therapy are always seen against the background of their context. In other words: every behaviour makes sense in a certain context, even if it may seem disturbed or crazy to us from the outside. Therapy in the sense of change by the therapist does not exist among systemic therapists. In my office for systemic therapy in Berlin you can develop ideas and impulses. Behavioural changes are the result of the clients' self-organization - this means that you always remain autonomous in your decisions.

... problems are solutions !!!