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Systemic counseling in Berlin... this is how it goes!

"Efficient answers, strategies and solutions for crises, problems, conflicts and challenges  - privately, therapeutically or in the company or for corporate clients."

Are you in a situation where you want to change something? Do you want to learn to act independently as an expert for your own cause and gain important experiences of self-efficacy? Are you looking for quick and sustainable solutions?

Then you've come to the right place!



With almost four and a half decades of life experience and almost 20 years of professional experience, I am also crisis-tested myself and can empathize well with your challenges. I will be happy to support you with all my know-how.




3 good reasons why you have come to the right place:


1. Time Saving (sometimes one appointment is enough)


2. Your Qualification (I only get paid for what you really need me for)


3. Experience from Other Clients (e.g. Google, Proven Expert)

Abgebildet ist Dipl.-Psych. & Systemischer Berater Manuel Haitz von resourSYS (Systemische Beratung, Berlin)
Dipl.-Psych. & Systemischer Berater Manuel Haitz von resourSYS

Your "solution accelerator"

"I wish you good first impressions during the virtual tour through my topics and look forward to accompanying you in your individual solution finding in systemic counselling!"

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Zu sehen ist ein junger Mann, der mit leerem Blick traurig auf den Boden starrt

Systemic Therapy

"To solve a problem is to get rid of the problem."

Zu sehen ist eine Person, die mit ihren Fingern Akupunkturpunkte ihres Körpers beklopft

PEP/ Energetic Psychology

"Even if the world ends... I take the space that I need."

Zu sehen ist eine typische Situation im Job Interview, bei welcher der/die Personaler*in nach Aspekten des Lebenslaufs fragt

Job Coaching

"Application is self advertising... no more and no less... "  

Zu sehen sind 4 Personen, die eine Supervision in Anspruch nehmen und mit viel Humor arbeiten

Systemic Supervision

"It´s always a little different ... when you say it."

Zu sehen ist eine Frau, die intensiv reflektiert und Ihre eigenen Ideen auswertet

Systemic Coaching

"Success is not everything. But without success everything is nothing."

Zu sehen sind Menschen, die gemeinsam Ideen entwickeln, um ihr Unternehmen voranzutreiben

Organizational Counseling

"[...] awaken within men the desire for the vast and endless sea."

... problems are solutions !!!

For the theoreticians among you: Systemic thinking and principles

Systemic consulting (definition) - What is that?

Systemic consultants focus on interrelationships, interaction and communication. In systemic counselling we understand problems when we pay attention to relationships between people, families, teams and organizations. The question is not "What is the system?" but "How does the system work?" Or in less technical terms: "What are the rules of the game?".

It is comparable when you visit me in Berlin with a request for systemic therapy or counselling: In the foreground are the rules of the game, how I behave when dealing with you and what the relationship is like.

Why systemic consulting for such different topics?

Topics and aspects of a person's life influence each other. This must not be disregarded in systemic counselling, as otherwise issues are viewed in isolation and one-sidedly. Instead, systems must always be viewed holistically. If, for example, a manager with a coaching request for leadership or a customer who wants job coaching has an anxiety issue, this must be taken into account in the consultation. I have therefore decided to work in both the economic and therapeutic context of systemic consulting and am firmly convinced that this combination is a profitable one in many cases. Organizational development and supervision are offers that can be accompanied by individual consulting settings. However, I have discovered PEP® (Process and Embodiment-Focused Psychology) to be the greatest asset for me - because it can be used to efficiently solve complex problems in numerous contexts.


"As a contact person for systemic consulting, I am available in Berlin to clarify whether I am the right person for your topic. In the following you will get an overview of my working methods".

Attitude and values in systemic consulting

Contextualization of problems

People often have a tendency to look for the culprit of a problem or a situation and usually find the culprit quickly. The apparently guilty party (e.g. a person, a group, an institution) thus becomes the focus of attention and is identified as the core of the problem.

On the other hand - based on the assumption that all parties involved have a stake in the situation - I analyse the patterns of thoughts and relationships between the parties involved that sustain the problematic behaviour. This happens together with you. Thus change becomes more likely and possible.

Focus on resources

It can often be observed that we put errors and deficits in the centre of our consideration.

In systemic consulting, on the other hand, I focus on the resources and the potential that the client brings with him. Here, too, the customer can be an entire team or even a company. 

This focus on resources usually releases energies, whereas the focus on problems binds energies and strengthens blockages. By asking questions about past successes and by activating visions of the future, motivations are released that promote change. 

The competent customer as expert

This means that the customer himself has the competence to solve his problems. This basic attitude strengthens the self-responsibility of the customer. The ideas, ways and solutions of the customer can follow a completely different logic than our own.

As your Systemic Consultant in Berlin it is my duty to be able to connect - i.e. to follow the client's paths, even if they are not my own, and to be a source of inspiration in order to increase the clients' solution competence. This creates new possibilities for action and perspectives.

"As already mentioned, systemic consulting is based on a special attitude and values. As your contact person, I would like to give you a brief insight into these values and thus at the same time make reference to my work."

Appreciation as a basis

Appreciation is the most important basis of systemic consulting.


What at first seems to lie in the logic of the matter, is in reality the highest level of professionalism in systemic consulting. All of us - including psychologists and consultants - have our own parts, which we do not like that much.

Only if I as a consultant treat these shares with respect can I show appreciation for others:


Appreciation for the choleric boss

Appreciation for the father who beats his children

Appreciation towards the alcoholic

Appreciation of the narcissistic top manager who tyrannizes his employees

Manuel Haitz during his work as systemic consultant is shown. He deals with a difficult topic via appreciation and humour
resourSYS (Systemic Counselling, Berlin) - with humour and appreciation

"Appreciation is not only a niceness, but a necessity in systemic consulting. My office in Berlin is therefore a good place to go even for critical issues."

"It´s easier to solve problems

than live with them." (Albert Einstein)