Job Coaching & Career Coaching in Berlin... this is how it goes!

"Standing out without being pushy, self-confidence without overestimating yourself, being good without being threatening.... a fine line!"


 Do you want to optimize your application process and turn unused opportunities into successful strategies? Do you want your potential to stand out not only to you, but also to the recruiter? Do you want to celebrate the application process?

Then I look forward to accompanying you as your application coach. 



Your cover letter and CV will decide whether you are invited to an interview, your interview or the assessment center will decide whether you get the job, and if so, at what salary? You will be surprised how many ways there are to optimize your application and how much potential is still untapped! 



3 reasons for your application coaching:


1. Customized strategy (instead of standard application without outcome)


2. Overcoming obstacles (because of which you were previously rejected)


3. More successful (in your application and in life)


Job coach & psychologist Manuel Haitz from resourSYS is shown on there picture
Job coach & psychologist Manuel Haitz from resourSYS

Your "dream job realizer"

"With an application coaching to your dream job in Berlin! In Berlin it is much more difficult, but you can still start your career here. I look forward to your progress and success in career coaching! 

Topics for your Job Coaching in Berlin

A symbol for application coaching Berlin: How to stand out from the crowd.
Job coaching, Berlin: Get the job that you're longing for!
  • Emphasize competencies and conceal weaknesses
  • Score points in a personal conversation
  • Video feedback to optimize the self-presentation
  • Using important variables in salary negotiations
  • Avoiding typical blunders in the assessment centre
  • "polish up" your CV and cover letter
  • If psychological problems or obstacles occur: Systemic coaching, counseling, therapy, supervision or even Energetic Psychology / PEP / EFT can be helpful here.

"Application is self advertising... no more and no less... "  

General information on job coaching

Get started in Berlin with the right job coach at your side!

I would be happy to assist you as your personal job coach in Berlin with a customized application coaching to accompany you individually during your application process. Of course, you can discuss with me which areas are important to you and to what extent you need support, and negotiate with me so that the job coaching you receive is exactly what you need.

For some processes (e. g. preparing for interviews with video feedback) it makes sense that you visit me directly on site in my Berlin job coaching office in Prenzlauer Berg - the optimisation of application documents, on the other hand, can also be accompanied by email, Skype etc. .

Steps in the application process

  1. Application documents
  2. Job interview / Assessment Center
  3. Salary Negotiation
Job coach Manuel Haitz uses video feedback to work out ways to present yourself even better in your next job interview.
Job coaching (Berlin) - video feedback after an interview

"Career counseling can therefore go through various stages, which I will explain to you in more detail below."

In-depth information on steps of your job application coaching

1. Your application documents

It is important to optimize your application documents to increase the probability of being invited to an interview. Your documents and your application are self-advertising.


Here in Berlin I will work with you in application coaching on how to meet the requirements of the HR staff: what formal requirements must be met and where is there room for manoeuvre that you can use flexibly? How to present yourself in the right light, highlight your skills and fill your CV creatively, I will work out with you in job coaching according to your needs.


Shown is a calendar with an entered date for an application training.
Optimize documents in application coaching. Your job coach will advise you.

"As your application coach I am of course an expert for online applications as well as for the classic application folder."

2. interview / assessment centre: Good preparation is half the battle!

Here you can see an applicant who is in a job interview with the HR department.
Relaxed in a job interview with a job coaching

You have cleared the first hurdle and a potential employer in Berlin would like to meet you personally. As a job coach, I will help you with the preparation of your job interview. For this purpose, I usually advise you to make an on-site appointment at my office in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, as this phase of the application coaching ideally takes place via video feedback. Here you will learn how you affect others. In addition, the possible contents and the course of an interview can of course also be discussed. Experience shows that challenging questions in the job interview are similar in all conversations and therefore well prepared within the scope of a job coaching. The situation is similar with the Assessment Center. Central elements appear again and again - such as the presentation of yourself, the group discussion and role-plays.


"Please contact me during this phase as well, so that I can advise and support you as your application coach in Berlin." 

3. Salary negotiations

The final milestone in application coaching is the salary negotiation. After all, you don't want to sell yourself short - on the other hand, of course, you don't want to risk your potential employer changing his mind. Banal considerations are often important in this phase of the application process. But it is precisely in this phase - shortly before your dream job in Berlin - that you are excited.

"As your personal job coach, I help you to consider important aspects that come into play during salary negotiations. After all, your new position in Berlin should pay off."

You see a young man with a thought bubble containing a money bag - a symbol of the situation before the salary negotiation.
Salary Negotiation: Know what matters!

Information on preparing for your job coaching

Of course you can also have your complete application documents prepared by me. But especially things like formatting, compiling information etc. can take a lot of time. The better you prepare, the less time I need for the consultation - so you save money! Furthermore, your documents should be authentic and fit to you. The better you can identify with your documents, the better you can answer any questions during the interview.

"Enclosed I would like to offer you a small collection of material, which you can use to be very well prepared even before our appointment."

Prepare resume and cover letter

Usually you already have a CV and a basic cover letter and simply bring both to the job coaching to discuss possibilities for optimization. However, if you do not have anything, e.g. because you have never had to apply or have not had to apply for a long time, you can use the following tools to create a good working basis.




If you do not yet have a resume and cover letter!


  1. Create a resume or cover letter in minutes.
  2. Bring both as a basis for discussion to the application coaching.
  3. Discuss and realize optimization potentials with me as your job coach.

If you need inspiration for design!

  1. Download a layout of your choice or simply let it inspire you.
  2. Individualize the whole thing (all templates are flexibly customizable) - use the design hints (e.g. font, color, content)
  3. In the application coaching we can put the finishing touches on the basis of your preliminary work.

 If you have no more time to waste!

  1. Shortly to actually useful documents.
  2. Create cover sheet, cover letter and resume.
  3. What comes out doesn't really look that bad.

Nevertheless: This is to be understood as an emergency solution!

Find job advertisements and job offers according to your individual criteria

It is also a good idea - provided you already know which direction you want to go - to pick out some job advertisements that might be suitable for you. In this way, it is very easy to check whether your application documents sufficiently emphasize the hard and soft skills sought by a company.

... problems are solutions !!!