Systemic Coaching in Berlin... this is how it goes!

Know and use your own resources, because... the most important relationship of all is the one with ourselves.

You want to reflect yourself professionally? You need smart questions to think about yourself and your concerns in a new way. You want to discover, perceive and strengthen your resources in order to achieve your goals efficiently? Then Systemic Coaching is a valuable tool to stimulate your self-reflection processes



In concrete terms, this means that no direct solutions are given. Instead, clients are guided in developing their own solutions. The counsellor steers the process and provides a framework. Thus, coaching in its pure form can be understood as help for self-help. You can develop competences, prepare decisions, develop strategies or solve conflicts.



My coaching is a systemic coaching, which is of course based on the principles of systemic consulting. You are and remain the expert for your issues.

... your idea supporter !!!

Systemic Coach and psychologist Manuel Haitz from resourSYS is shown on the picture
Systemic Coach and psychologist Manuel Haitz from resourSYS

"An offer for executives, managers, employees and self-employed persons. Develop new ideas and find individual solutions with a systemic coaching in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg!"

Topics for your Systemic Coaching in Berlin:

Through Coaching Berlin a goldfish manages to jump out of a light bulb: He must have had a new insight or idea.
Coaching Berlin: The permission to think innovatively!

"Success is not everything. But without success everything is nothing."

General information about coaching

Coaching - what is behind it?

As your coach in Berlin, I work on the basis of systemic values. Thus, systemic coaching focuses on solutions as well as on your resources. Often you are trapped in your own way of thinking and your perspective is narrowed.


Visit me in my coaching office in Berlin to expand your options for action with professional guidance and get a new perspective on your topic.

"Of course I will come to your company and work beyond the city limits of Berlin."

You can see a laughing client who develops new ideas with humour and creativity.
Coaching: new ideas with humour and creativity!

You see an arrangement of figures, cards and writing materials in different colours as a symbol for ease with difficult topics
Ease with difficult topics

For whom is coaching useful?

In principle, coaching is useful in every field. As your coach in Berlin, I am the right contact person for all hierarchical levels when it comes to dealing with personal and/or professional issues: employees, executives and managers as well as management can benefit equally from coaching. Individuals as well as entire teams can make an inquiry. (see Organizational Consulting & Organizational Development, Supervision). It does not matter whether you work in an economic context or in the public sector, for an association or an independent agency, a social organisation or even a school. It is my responsibility to observe the rules that form the basis of your respective work system.

Different confusing technical terms

Meanwhile there are numerous confusions of terms that are floating freely on the market: Life Coach, Personality Coaching, Personal Coach, Space Coach, Universal Coach - Berlin is throwing offers all over the place! Ultimately, the consultant personality is decisive: Your coach should include your knowledge of your environment in the coaching process and focus on the relationship and communication structures of those directly or indirectly involved. When choosing your coach, don't let yourself be influenced by good-sounding terms, but check whether there are sound training institutes behind the melodious anglicisms - especially with the basic attitude of systemic counseling.

"With me as your coach in Berlin you can bring all topics to a constructive level. As always, the highest priority is the appreciation of the client!"

... problems are solutions !!!